Birdwell and Clark Ranch


herd following wagonBirdwell & Clark Ranch is 14,200 acres of tall grass prairie, river bottoms and brushy draws located in Clay County, Texas.

Birdwell and Clark Ranch was established in January 2004 and built on a ranching heritage with its beginnings in the late 1800's by two families: J.L. Hudgins and Bryant Edwards.

We are constantly working to improve sustainable range conditions and optimal animal performance utilizing an intensive managed grazing plan.

Preserving and promoting wildlife and plant communities is our commitment, which allows us to enjoy diverse outdoor activities with family and friends.

Hudgins monument close-upCattle in Tall GrassEmry Birdwell, Ellie and Sarah

Our Mission

Purpose - Birdwell & Clark Ranch strives to maximize rangeland conditions using innovative and sustainable agricultural practices, to provide a dependable and consistent product that benefits and enhances profitability for our customers, and to share what we learn from these efforts.

Values - We value and enjoy hard work. We welcome challenges that encourage healthy risk taking behavior and creative thinking. We respect the land, animals, and people that enrich our lives.

Emry Birdwell and Deborah ClarkVision - The Birdwell & Clark Ranch will be a profitable and diverse business enterprise. Key components in our business will include effective and consistent business practices, trained and motivated employees and partners, healthy and consistently improving range conditions, safe and attractive infrastructure and facilities, and reduced debt. We will remain energetic, focused,and committed to one another, our family, our community, and the future.


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Birdwell & Clark Ranch
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