Birdwell and Clark Ranch, a stocker operation, is a 14,200-acre ranch of tall grass prairie, river bottoms and brushy draws located in north central Texas in Clay County.
Our ownership was established in January 2004 and built on a ranching heritage with its beginnings in the late 1800's by two respected Clay County families: J.L. Hudgins and Bryant Edwards. It was a good ranch when we arrived and represented an opportunity of a lifetime.

Charlois Closeup


The ranch provides us with a shared quality of life. We value hard work, accomplishing goals, enjoying brief periods of free time with our family, friends and bird dogs, making the ranch available to a wide range of interests and people, providing a place for our children and grandchildren to learn about, value, and enjoy ranch activities, and being able to contribute to our community.


Our vision for the future includes accomplishing specific, sustainable goals and continuing to be active and hardworking. The ranch is a place where our family, friends, and community come to joyfully participate in ranch activities and explore the benefits of holistic management. Healthy ecosystems thrive resulting in regenerative soils, forage, water, livestock, and wildlife. The ranch is a model and inspiration for future generations.


Our mission is to share our resources and what we learn.

Deborah and Emry


We've benefited from the joys and challenges this ranch has served up since we had the good fortune of landing here. Yes, we've moved towards that vision and mission. And yes, there is much left to learn, accomplish, and share.