Grazing Cattle Birdwell and Clark Ranch

Yes, it is a snowy and icy and bitter cold day at the Birdwell  and Clark Ranch.  Of course the buzz is that we are not alone.  This is a monster storm that covers 2,000 miles, hundreds of cities, thousands of miles of countryside, and millions of people.  Nope, we are not alone.  It just feels that way!

Emry is attempting to get through the snow drifts and icy conditions to feed cattle.  He has been at it all day yesterday and today.  Dusty and Margarito are breaking ice so that the cattle and horses can drink.  I am working in the office and in the quiet solitude decided to take this initial trip to our website and blog.  I really don't know what to expect.   I don't anticipate any followers.  So, is this like a diary?  Will I come back to this someday to remember what we experienced at the ranch?  Is this cathartic?  Or will this blog become a vehicle to describe and share the planned grazing program practiced here and the resulting benefits already evident in the rangeland.  I hope so.  I hope to learn, to articulate, to redirect when necessary, and to share.

I'm done for today.  This feels way too intimate to continue.  Yes, I'll get over it.

Over and out, Deborah